Norayr  [draft]

September 26, 2017

Film: Kodak Ektar 100

Tea  [draft]

January 21, 2017

place: my place camera: fuji x100

My friends are hipsters  [draft]

August 17, 2016
tanama, luso, noch

place: achajour cafe (parpetsi street, yerevan) date: May 2014 camera: canon 600d people: tanama, lubekar, noch.

Midnight walk  [draft]

August 6, 2016
saryan street

place: saryan street, yerevan camera: fuji x100 people: norayr, bigosia

Norayr with Windmill  [draft]

June 7, 2016
norayr pushkin pass

Place: Puskin pass People: Norayr Camera: Fuji X100

Tbilisi - restaurant  [draft]

February 27, 2014

Sorry for the poor quality. I just think these people look beautiful and you can see it (:


Film / Zenit

The Satanic laugh  [draft]

February 27, 2014

So we were driving from Yerevan to Tbilisi, and somewhere in northern Armenia we had a car accident. These are some film photos made with Zenit. Car was already raised back.

Just before the accident, I was probably was reading. I remember that I felt turbulence and when I looked up I saw our car was off the road and a Kamaz next to us. Apparently Norayr, our driver, tried to pass the truck, but it pushed us off the road. We lost control over the car, it went back to the road and hit the Kamaz.

At that point it was like being in a movie. Everything happened very fast. You hadn’t even time to be scared. I don’t remember clearly the impact itself, but I remember that the car turned on its right. The first thing I remember was Satanik laughing. Magically, no one was killed or even injured.

before the accident

Place: near Toumanian village Camera: Zenit EM People: Norayr, Satanik, bystander