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Schlossplatz (Stuttgart)


One of my first shots with a 28mm lense (Mamiya-Sekor CS 28mm). Film: Kodak Ektar 100.

Women on street in Tbilisi

tbilisi women on street

Back in 2016. Don’t remember what film I used. Note the shadows of the tree.


On a sunny Saturday we made a bicycle tour to the peninsula Marken located 20 km to the north of Amsterdam. I made some photographs with a Nikon Coolpix P90 (12mp). While I feel the disadvantages compared to a DSLR, I really enjoy it’s 24x optical zoom.

In the village Zuiderwoude we met a very kind girl, Somer, and made a little trip with her canon. Actually there is so much water in this region, that it seems everyone has a watercraft in the backyard… That´s probably why the municipality is called Waterland.

The images were shot on manual mode. You can see details about shutter speed, aperture etc. in bottom right of the photograph (after you open the gallery).


Street portraits of Milano

Random girl on Vialo Toscana
Via Torino
Via Torina at night
One of the central streets of Milan.